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  • Pessimism, post-travel blues and a PhD.

    Pessimism, post-travel blues and a PhD.

    Tonight, I am wrapped up warm in bed (for it is a particularly chilly late February evening) with an overwhelming sense of longing for last year’s adventures. Perhaps, it’s a need to escape the embarrassment of having nervously stumbled through the first presentation of my PhD earlier today – my life so far removed from…

  • Off again, gorgeous day.

    Off again, gorgeous day.

    Following on from our newfound ridge success, we set our sights on the biggest objective in the Costa Blanca- the Bernia ridge. A twisty drive up jangled the nerves a little, but we were up early and first on the ridge the following morning. Bethan suggested that we begin not roped-up, and I agreed, given…

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    It’s a rest day. Yesterday, we gained ridge redemption and now all I want to do is lounge in the sun, listen to the waves crash onto the shore and read a good ol’ book. That’s good because we are in the Costa Blanca and there are beaches and sun a plenty. Plus, Remy is…

  • The Highway Robbery

    The Highway Robbery

    Hey friends! As many of you are aware we recently took an unplanned excursion back to the UK and the blogs fell to the wayside for a number of reasons (including the fact that it was Sam’s turn to do the writing!). In all likelihood we probably caught up with most of our reader base…

  • Le Dolce Vita

    Le Dolce Vita

    Hi all. This is a guest post from the visiting Alex R (my very own dad). Not only did we get him to pay for food and accommodation, but to write the blog too!! The week was a lovely respite for us, not having to cook, and a shower that is both warm and indoors,…

  • An honest lesson in rest and recovery.

    An honest lesson in rest and recovery.

    When we last left the blog, we had just pitched up at an idyllic rest spot in the Nevache valley to take a few days off from the mountains after our epic on the Grape ridge (previous blog). The spot had near enough everything a camper could wish for (without paying peak season prices for…

  • Extremely distressing or scarring (9)

    Extremely distressing or scarring (9)

    Last night the stars lit up the sky, the streak of the milky way was twinkling above the silhouettes of the mountains. This morning, I lounged about in the hammock, reading a book, listening to the peaceful soundscape provided by the trickle of the stream winding through this idyllic landscape. This evening, I filled my…

  • Firsts, F***-ups and The Fissure

    Firsts, F***-ups and The Fissure

    What’s up blog followers? Here’s an update from Remy and the gang. After Scotland we had a few days to do some final tasks (some of which are still not done as I write this), say goodbye to the family, and pack up – for real this time. With the exception of some shoes left…

  • Scotland, Midges and Lessons From The Road

    Scotland, Midges and Lessons From The Road

    Welcome to the long awaited first blog post, in what is an entirely unserious endeavour (and we promise we are not taking ourselves seriously) but rather what hopes to be a light-hearted way to keep friends and family up to date whilst we go adventuring in our van (Remy) and delete social media for a…

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